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I recently got a job. As in, a 40-hours-a-week-in-an-office job. Without boring you with all the details, we’ve had some changes and I have a great opportunity with this new job. And if any of you are wondering, I intend to keep blogging here.

Sometimes I really dislike labels because even typing in “working mom” immediately sparked all these arguments of how misleading that label is. I have been working from home, mostly writing and building this blog, building a professional organizing business – all hard work. I’ve also been a stay-at-home-mom who wasn’t really “working,” but trust me (and any SAHM out there) that those babies and toddlers are more than work.

I know that this change is going to be quite a big shift for me and for my family. Forty hours a week is no small block of time. When I was offered and accepted the position, I googled “minimalist working mom” and to my complete and utter surprise, there was basically nothing out there.

So, are there any of you out there, who are moms and minimalists and working outside of the home? Is there a new term for working moms that I don’t know about?

I need to find you. I want to hear how you do it. I’d love to know what has been essential in keeping or creating a minimalist lifestyle while working full time out of the home. I’m guessing that part of being a working mom and a minimalist means you basically don’t spend the time to blog about it.

Here are the thoughts rolling around in my head that I want to chat about:

*uniforms/capsule wardrobe
*daily routines
*work/life balance
*kids’ activities

For many of these, I have simplified and can imagine what it will look like for us, but I want to hear how others are doing it. The thing that gets me is that before I was working a lot of hours, but those hours were flexible and often spent at home, where I could take 30 minutes to throw dinner in the oven. I could also wear jeans. Every day. Having this set schedule and location is going to be a big change. I could work outside or go hiking or running when the feeling hit. My home life is going to look different now. There are going to be very limited hours at home, with most of those going to feeding and caring for my family. Translation: I want everything else as minimal as necessary to ease the time at home.

I know that this post hasn’t been the most practical or helpful, it is basically me asking you for help – tips, tricks, hacks, your most clung to routines. I’m going to be sharing what I’m learning and implementing on Instagram and I’ll start using #minimalistworkingmom I know that in this day and age of modern living, work has changed significantly and as I mentioned before, I don’t love the label “working mom”. So if you’re reading this and work out of the home, in the home, part time, full time, seasonally or are the SAHM, I would love to hear from you. Would you comment below, even with a simple, “Yes, I work!”? It would be so awesome to know I’m not alone in this and please share your tips for balancing it all.

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