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I absolutely love to read. I don’t ever have enough time for it and could easily fill up bags at the library each time I go. So much to be read, how to read it all?

While I read quite a few non-fiction guides to living simply and share those often, I wanted to share some that you may not know of because they are not the HOW TO books. Some of them, the author probably didn’t intentionally lean into a simple life, and yet it has inspired or encouraged me on my journey in living simply.

Here are 12 that I have enjoyed:

Wendell Berry, the author, is from my state and the way he writes resonates with my soul. Jayber Crow, along with several other of Berry’s books are set in a fictitious small Kentucky town that certainly exemplifies a simple life.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is one of my all time favorite books and Tolkien’s hobbits truly treasure and show the beauty of living simply.

Shauna writes as if she’s having a cup of coffee with you explaining her journey into a slower lifestyle. I love this honest look at her life.

Notes from a Blue Bike is so inspiring for living intentionally and simply. I really liked this one and want to read it again. A great mix of stories touching on various aspects of simple living.

“Chasing Francis” is the story of a pastor who loses it right in the middle of church and then his quest to figure out his faith. This book struck so many chords in my heart coming from work in ministry and struggling with some of the same issues as the main character.

If you haven’t read this book, then you’ve probably at least seen a third of it written out in quotes across social media. Thoreau has a way of getting to the heart of simplicity.

I could not put down this memoir! While not intentionally about simple living, her solo trek along the Pacific Crest Trail was certainly a lesson in living with less and the essentials in life. (Warning of language and drug use).

This book is light and fun and about living in the countryside in Provence. Probably a little cliche, but its like my simple living dream.

This book follows Voskamp’s hard fought battle in living a life of gratitude. A beautiful, faith-based story.

Another faith-based memoir of a mom who learned from monks about living prayerfully and mindfully in the mundane, everyday moments.

So if you’re looking for a good fiction or beautiful memoir that in some way celebrates a simple life, I recommend any of the 12 above.

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