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When I think of my bedroom and remember various ones through the years, I immediately remember my teenage bedroom with bright blue & green decor with all my favorite things, then the various college rooms I occupied, and now as someone who has been married for years, its the room I share with my husband. We’ve lived in four different places. In two of the four it was necessary for it to be multifunctional. We finally have one that we love and doesn’t double as an office and we’ve worked hard to make it very minimal.

When it comes to decluttering the bedroom, there’s a few obstacles to take into consideration.

-If you share it with your spouse and/or infant
-If it is multifunctional (office space)
-If its been neglected, used as storage and you’d rather close the door and forget it

My husband tends to be neater than I am. My night stand was and still occasionally will attract a pile of things. But overall it is the restful, peaceful safe haven that we would like it to be. If you’re looking to declutter and make your bedroom more peaceful, here are some tips I have found to be helpful.

1. Reconsider multifunctional. If you’re using your bedroom as your “office,” consider if that really is working. In this post the Nester talks about multiple things, but I love how honest she is and she talks about how their bedroom was her office, but then she realized she never used the desk. It only made the space messier. If you have a desk in your bedroom, but actually find yourself always sitting down at the kitchen table to work, pay bills, schedule, etc, maybe a module near the kitchen table is the better option. You might love the idea of your desk more than you actually use it. Which brings me to point #2.

2. Modules. Francine Jay, in her book which you can find in this affiliate link The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify (Updated and Revised), was the first person to educate me on the genius of modules. She says, “In creating modules, we’re establishing a system that eliminates and discourages excess—making our possessions equivalent to our needs, and then literally putting a lid on them.” If there are some activities or items you use in the bedroom, sort and reduce them down to essentials and then store them in a module that you can pull out only when you need it. I used to keep my jewelry on the dresser, but since I have reduced our clothing & the amount of jewelry and accessories I own, I’ve been able to use the top drawer as my accessories module.


3. Simple Decor. Most of us really spend very little time in here, so the simpler the decor, the better. After all we’re asleep most of the hours that we spend here. To make it beautiful, you can paint the walls a color you love, and use other relaxing items like candles and pictures.

4. Be ruthless with the clutter and items that make their way in. To begin with we didn’t have a lot of excess items. We now have one set of sheets (I have two for each of my kids for sicknesses) and we reduced the decorations, beyond that we didn’t have a lot of clutter. As for items creeping in, in my home, its laundry. My bedroom is nearest the laundry room and because it is too small for folding, I have always used my bed. I have to be careful not to let it linger. I also have a tendency to lay mail and papers when I first come home on my dresser because my purse & backpack stay on the chair beside the dresser. Just know your easily cluttered areas and keep them in check.

5. Keep it Tidy. Once you’ve reduced the items in your bedroom, just spending a few quick minutes in the morning can aid in keeping it looking peaceful. Just like your mama said, making the bed does wonders for the look of a room. Another good habit to develop is putting clothes away, not letting them lay on the floor. By taking a few more seconds, you can save your self time later from cleaning up multiple piles of clothes.

As I mentioned earlier, this can sometimes be the room where we throw things in, shut the door and forget about it, but making it your personal haven can be fairly easy and cost efficient by decluttering and simplifying its contents. Doing so can make for a great space and better rest.

For some motivation and inspiration, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to serene bedrooms and helpful articles.

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