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Most of the time I am a really positive, encouraging person. I love life and there is so much that I can be thankful for. I also try to encourage others. But I also know that life is hard. Life is frustrating. Things don’t go as we planned. There can be so many disappointments. Its like choppy waters when we want smooth sailing.

I never had the expectations that minimalism would be perfect or fix everything in my life. I don’t want to be misleading on this site that simplifying and minimizing is a cure all. I sure wish it could be. But I KNOW without a doubt that it helps me and my family in so many ways. Yet even with all the benefits, here are some of the frustrations I still experience, which seem more pronounced now that I’m a full time working mom.

-When I want to work on decluttering, I usually have too much of the maintenance stuff to do first.
-There’s never enough time.
-I can aim for slow living all I want, but the fact of the matter is, my days are full and the evenings are usually fuller. Dinner: making, eating, and clean up is enough, but there’s kids activities, homework, laundry, working out, walking the dog, texting friends or family members, helping a neighbor find their runaway pup, reading, and the list goes on.
-So much stuff finds its way into my home. I find stupid plastic slinkies that I know I did not pay for with my hard earned money that are messed up and the kids didn’t bother to throw away. Don’t get me started on the steady stream of papers.
-I can’t fold my clothes KonMari style, because its takes longer and I have to be a laundry ninja and fold and put things away as soon as they come out of the dryer otherwise they sit in the basket for a week.
-I can’t bullet journal because it takes too long to draw out the spreads. I don’t have time for that. I am using a mix of a weekly/monthly planner I found and a notebook for jotting down ideas and planning out things.
-My brain is full of things I want to blog about or even just pop on Instagram to share, but again…mama ain’t got time for that either. At least not as much as I wish.

So, yes, I am still a minimalist and still wholeheartedly believe that living simply is wise. It just looks different than when I was home. It essentially comes down to time. I know full well the lie that flourishes in women my age/life stage of “You can do all the things.” But ladies, we can’t. We cannot do all the things. That’s why I’m not doing all the things I listed above and more. Because I’m taking care of what matters most and those things above–those frustrations, yes I care about them, but they come in place behind my family, my relationship with God, a little self care, and work. What do you find frustrating? Any other working mamas out there that can amen a sister?

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