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Two years ago, January 2017, I accepted a full time job out of my home. Before I had worked a small business from home, but for various reasons we made the change. It has been a huge change for our family because even though I’ve worked in various ways throughout the years (self-employed, direct sales businesses, part time jobs) I was still mainly home.

Now a large chunk of my time is away from home.

Many of our challenges as a family now come down to time. Since such a large portion of my day and week is spent somewhere other than home, EVERYTHING gets pushed to the evenings and weekends.

First of all, I am loving my new career, my workplace, my team. I would not reverse the decision to work out of the home. I’ve learned through all of this that it fits me well, my personality, the way I work, etc.

Secondly, over and over I think how thankful I am that I became a minimalist before I began my new full time career. For one thing, the main purging is already done. Its now an issue of maintaining. Also, it would be so incredibly hard to be at that frustrating point of wanting to begin to minimize and only having the time in evening and weekends to do it.

So, working moms & wives, I feel you sisters!

If you haven’t, but are desperately wanting to purge and minimize the excess stuff from your home, do it! I don’t know how you’ll find the time. You’ll have to make it a priority, but I can promise you this: you won’t regret one bit of simplifying. Having minimized our possessions and simplified our lifestyle has helped us tremendously with the time crunch of having two working parents.

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