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For many of us beginning a life of living more simply requires that first step of getting the mindset in place. Often time that is a hard won battle for many reasons. But with that first step taken, it’s good to be aware of other obstacles that may come up as we actually begin to physically and practically make our lives simpler by clearing clutter and minimizing possessions.

I’ve heard the process of minimizing possessions be described as addicting and fulfilling in various ways. That momentum gained when first starting to purge is great. But as you work room by room or hour after hour, various obstacles can come up that can slow down the progress.

Some common obstacles I hear about are:

*people we live with
*shopping habits
*regret of money lost
*thinking you might use it “someday”
*working from home
*caring for others
*”not the organized type”

Being aware of some of the obstacles that might put your minimizing progress in danger will help those situations not come as a surprise. Knowing that having a three-year old or a husband who’s not on board with all this minimizing will help you not be taken aback when the three year old dumps out a box you just packed. Realizing that you’re prone to justify keeping everything because you might be able to use it “someday” can remind you to give yourself a pep talk and remember WHY you want to minimize to begin with. Knowing that you tend to have low energy or a small amount of free time will help you make the most of the moments when you can clean out of feel like by knocking out some key areas to quickly feel the impact of decluttering.

I’m sure there are as many obstacles and difficult situations out there as there are people. Whether you’re in the beginning of this journey or in the middle of cleaning out a room, take some time to consider what obstacles you might meet along the way and consider how you can successfully navigate them so that you can continue to minimize possessions and bring more freedom and simplicity to you life. One of the best tactics to get over slumps or obstacles is remembering why you wanted to simplify to begin with.

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