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Changing seasons can be a big chore when it comes to clothing, especially if you have kids. I used to have tubs of clothes for summer and winter to swap out for myself, my husband and kids. Now being minimalists, we all have much less clothing and don’t require a total swap. However, because we live in a temporal climate with extreme heat and cold, we do have a few things to put away at the change. Over the past few seasons, I’ve found some helpful ways of dealing with the swap to make it and future seasonal swaps smoother.

For putting away previous season:

Declutter. Its always a good time to declutter. Stuff, including items of clothing come into our lives so easily. Whether its a free race t-shirt, a scarf gifted for a holiday or birthday, or an impulse buy, its always coming in. You can try to establish a routine like one in, one out with your clothing, but even with that there is usually some excess accumulated throughout the season.

As you’re going through your current clothing for the past season, see which pieces you didn’t wear at all–those are an easy toss. Then consider the ones that you may have worn, but either not much or didn’t like it for whatever reason. Also check for pieces that got enough wear and tear to warrant getting rid of them.

There’s also a chance if you cull enough items, you don’t have to do a total swap. If you have enough space, just rearrange your closet so that they’re up and out of the way without having to put them in deep storage in an attic or garage.

For pulling out the new season:

Declutter. Again, you can ALWAYS find something to declutter. Maybe you held onto an item for whatever reason that you didn’t wear last year. If you pull it out and know that it has done its duty, get rid of it. Take any weight or body changes into account and see if there’s some items that you can get rid of due to that change.

Also, if you’re changing to more of a capsule wardrobe apply that to the new season. You may be able to cut out entire colors or style, so get rid of those items that won’t work with your capsule. Or there may be things that you just know you’re done with. Get rid of them! If you love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, a seasonal change is the perfect time to experiment with it.

Another way I try to minimize is by looking at what pieces are similar. If I have 5 red blouses, I probably am not going to wear them all. Try to reduce each set of similar items by several pieces.

As you’re changing out, take the time to organize and arrange things in a way that makes sense for you. Most importantly, focus on having a good mindset in regards to your clothing. They are after all a utilitarian necessity. Only keep what you need and what works now. I have much fewer clothes now and no one has ever mentioned to me how few it seems to have. On the contrary, I now often get compliments and I credit it to being more selective and purposeful in the items I have, knowing what I like and what suits me best. So basically, I dress for me now, not everyone else.

Take advantage of the change of seasons to hone in your wardrobe, rid yourself of excess, and move on to a simpler life.

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