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Parts of this post were originally published in 2014 on my personal blog.

Summertime is my favorite time of the year. The sunshine and heat. How everything is out and blooming and living and gorgeous. I just want to stay outside sun up to sun down and soak it all in.

My kids just finished up another school year, so summer is in full swing for our family. And though it just began, I know just how fast this time can fly by. I want to pause the days of my kids sweaty and rosy-cheeked from chasing each other. I want to sit under the shade of our sycamore tree and read for hours with the summer breeze blowing through my hair.


Part of the reason I cling so tightly to June and July is because August is busy. There are birthdays, anniversaries, and school starting back and all the busyness of preparing for those things.

The intensity of August seems to linger the rest of the year, but June and July seem to be the Sabbath of my year. There is a rhythm in life as in most things and I like that. I need a break from the norm that I get for these two months.

Not that taking the break is easy. There have been summers when we have purposefully planned to do very little in those months. It really was glorious a couple years ago. I would say at times it seemed to go fast, but we truly did rest and relax and have fun. We didn’t go anywhere on vacation. We just stayed home and enjoyed one another and simple things.

There are other summers when we’ve had quite a bit planned, but by being intentional it wasn’t just a blur of continuous activity. The things that were planned were enjoyed slowly. The days were not maxed out, just planned.

So, for me and I would encourage you to do the same, lets pause before we say yes to every invitation. Let’s think twice before we fill up every single day with activity. Remember, white space is often where the magic happens. And whether we’re on the go or having some quiet moments at home, lets be intentional and present in all of those and take those mental snapshots to last a lifetime.

Does this really slow summer? Yes and no. Not maxing out your schedule will definitely help, but even days spent at home can seem to fly by when everyone is having an awesome day. The key is not just slow, but well spent whether that be resting or doing. Let’s get to the end of summer and say, that was one of the best yet!

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