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I had the privilege of reading The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life by Joshua Becker. I have enjoyed each of Becker’s books and have probably read each of them as they were released. This one by far goes above and beyond as the ultimate how-to manual for making your home your minimalist haven.

I love that this book deep dives into each section of a home and how to truly declutter and minimize that area. There’s tips and stories for each room and area of your home, which helps as you think how it can work for your home. His method is a sure one that can easily be applied to a variety of home types and living situations.

For a few months now my family has been noticing that we’re needing a bit of a reset. While we massively purged a few years ago and have been big on maintaining that, with some of the changes we’ve had and just the usual busy-ness of life, things have piled up some (though nothing like before!). Starting in January we’re going to use Joshua’s book as our guide and give our minimalist home a refresh! I am so excited! I’ll be using #minimalisthome and journaling the experience over on the Simplify & Pursue Instagram

The practicality, reasonable tips and methods, and stories from others are all great, but what makes the book a home run for me is that Joshua gets to heart of minimalism. Over and over he drives in the point that our homes are to be a place of rest, a place of gathering our families and friends, and a place of less stress.

If you want a home more like that then The Minimalist Home will help you both get in the mindset and give you the practical steps you need to make it happen.

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