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In a world that often is screaming, either verbally or visually, at us to buy more and do more, Joshua Becker’s upcoming book (Affiliate link), The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own, is a reminder that consumption and busyness isn’t all there is. He points out that living with less stuff gives way to more living and that our world is much better for this.

As Joshua thoroughly unpacks the many benefits of living with less both for us and for our world, he says, “Living with less offers more time to spend on meaningful activities, more freedom to travel, more clarity in our spiritual pursuits, increased mental capacity to solve our most heartfelt problems, healthier finances to support causes we believe in, and greater flexibility to pursue the careers we most desire.”

The book shares real life examples of people who have chosen to live more and encourages us to all find “Minimalism Your Way,” noting that it will look different for everyone. Some stories are of total turn arounds, while others are perhaps more moderate, but the key is that all are following their goals and purposes and plans in life in a renewed way because they chose to get rid of the excess and unnecessary things.

With the consideration that minimalism will vary for everyone, Becker gives some practical tips on tackling the clutter in your home that both the first time and more seasoned minimizers can appreciate. I personally was challenged by some of the experiments in living with less that he gave. For anyone who pre-orders the book, which comes out on May 3, you can get free access to Uncluttered, a 12-week online course that Becker teaches to help you declutter your home.

There are also detailed thoughts on life after the initial purging, being a minimalist with a family, fighting the insane pace of this modern life, and the importance of gratitude and generosity.

I recommend this book for anyone who is striving to live more simply. Becker lays out how anyone, no matter their situation, can get rid of the excess and pursue what matters most–the very thing I work to communicate here at Simplify & Pursue. I especially recommend it for anyone who is just beginning. The reasons for and benefits of living this lifestyle that Becker gives are so important in establishing the right mindset and that will help you create the life you want as you meet obstacles along the journey.

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