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I’ve always enjoyed being active, but like many, staying fit seems to get harder when you become an adult and take on more responsibility. There’s the issue of most of us working 40+ hours a week. Add in spouse, kids, a house and stuff, and its so easy for working out to get swept under the rug.

But as I said before, I truly enjoy it. I like a good sweat. It makes me feel strong, I feel healthier, my back doesn’t hurt when I’m regularly exercising. So why don’t I do it? Or why is it so hard for me to stick with it? For one, I think we try to make it too complex. When we simplify our lives and schedules we might have more time. But what if we simplify our workouts too?

Equipment & Gear

I used to think, if only I bought (insert your product of choice), then I would work out more. I’ve learned the more stuff you have for a hobby or activity the more complex it makes said activity. When we have so much stuff for working out we have to store it, wash it, fix it, organize it, get more accessories, etc. So what if we can minimize equipment? What workout stuff is sitting in our closets and gives us a guilt trip every time we see it? Let’s let those things go and get back to basics.


Is working out in a certain place absolutely necessary? Often we will use location as an excuse not to do it. Its either too far or will take too long to get there or we feel like unless we go to a certain place, we can’t be fit. That’s just not true. You can workout anywhere. If we find something that works in our own homes, that simplifies our budgets by cutting out fees, gas money, and saving time, let the location oriented ones be the exception not the rule.


I used to think I had to do some crazy long and complex routine to truly get a good workout. I would spend money to buy promises made by workout videos. More often than not, it was too time consuming. A simpler routine would have been easier to stick to, leading to better results because I would actually do it. There’s also the issue of many times complex routines are difficult to get the correct form down, meaning we spend time and energy doing a workout the wrong way, really missing the muscles we’re supposed to be working.

Over the years, I’ve found that having simple workout routines–basic exercises like squats, lunges, pushups, etc, or running/walking are the best. I’m able to do them any where, its time efficient, and can be done even if I’m doing a more extensive workout later in the day. By keeping workouts simple on various levels, I’m able to incorporate this into my daily routine and make it a part of my life.

How can you simplify your workouts?

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